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mercredi 15 juin 2011

Welcome to Nobrow Press!

C'est avec une certaine émotion que nous accueillons dans nos murs un nouvel éditeur de comics alternatif, le bien nommé NOBROW!

Jeune maison d'édition anglaise dont le travail nous chatouillait les yeux depuis un moment mais dont nous avions du mal à mettre la main sur la production...

C'est désormais chose faite, et voici un florilege de ce que nous venons de recevoir:

Dimensions: 18 x 18cm | Extent: 24 pages | Colours: 1 | Format: Paperback with Vinyl Record | Edition: 3000

It’s a rare occasion that a comic book is given its own soundtrack, rarer still is when the soundtrack is written by the comic’s own illustrator; with Malevolent Melody, Mcbess has given us both in one neat little package.
Featuring Mcbess’ signature stretched and deformed figures set in an entirely monotone world, where backgrounds blend into the fore and aside jokes and little details litter the page, Malevolent Melody centres on the exploits of shipwrecked amnesiac Mcb, whose attempts to remember the melody of a certain song awaken spontaneous choruses in Pirates, Alpine Giants and Amazonian women taking him on a journey from the coastline to the mountains.
Accompanied by a vinyl 7” featuring songs by Mcbess’ band The Dead Pirates, Malevolent Melody’s pages are lit up by the band’s pulsating rhythm and blues, recorded in a way to sync and mimic the comic’s storyline.

Released in late 2009, Malevolent Melody is available exclusively from Nobrow Press.

Dimensions: 17 x 23 cm | Extent: 24 pages | Colours: CMYK | Format: Paperback saddlestitched | Series: 17×23
Neglected by the government and with no heroic memories or loving family members to return to, the two weary soldiers seek solace in alcohol, drugs and nihilistic hedonism. Constantly haunted by nightmares of their recent tumultuous pasts, they desperately struggle to stay on the surface of reality.
In front of a bank in Utah, armed and emotionally numbed, they step out of a Ford Maverick. For what would feel like a split second, in the middle of their final self-annihilating act, one of them sees something he had never envisioned; an awakening?
Mikkel Sommer is a budding Danish comic book artist with a background in animation and advertising. Increasingly spending more time focusing on graphic storytelling he has taken part in a number of prestigious anthologies, including Danish anthology ‘Spirit’ and our very own Graphic Cosmogony and published his own comic ‘Z’ in the Danish Language.

Dimensions: 15x15cm | Extent: 38 pages | Colours: 4 | Format: Hardback | Series: Comics
Far across the Atlantic Ocean lies the windswept shore of Pebble Island, a secluded place where time goes slowly, and the seasons all happen at once,
where rocks on the beach are perfectly round, and TV broadcasts are limited and late.
Drawing from memories of a childhood home in the Falklands, Jon McNaught uses wordless comic strips and intricate prints to form a playful study of isolation and adventure; Children gather in sprawling peat bogs where ruined military vehicles become secret bases, a fisherman settles down in his cluttered cabin to watch the Saturday night movie, and sheep thoughtfully wander the hills, grazing in the billowing grass.
Barely six months from the release of his first book with Nobrow Press ‘ Birchfield Close’, McNaught undertakes a 38-page graphic novel where he revisits his youth in the Falkland Islands. In his trademark silent storytelling style he covers two separate narratives, ‘Pebble Island’ and ‘Broadcast’, both set in these stark and unforgiving surroundings that nonetheless exude an air of tranquility and respite.

In the 18th Century, Japanese artist Toriyama Sekien attempted to depict each spirit of the ‘yokai’ tradition; an ancient race of demons whose descendants would later terrorise the earth under the guises of Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan. Now, two Bristolian men aim to rediscover the near-forgotten Yokai, and return these ancient beasts to their former glory, in the form of the Bento Bestiary.
Fourteen spirits and demons are lovingly rendered by Ben Newman in the bold and colourful illustration style we have come to expect from him. Newman draws heavily on early and mid-20th century design in his work, incorporating worldwide themes from European deco to Japanese film posters and 50′s American cartoons, never losing his strong sense of a most English deadpan humour. Each image is complimented with words from S J Donaldson. Whether detailing the love letters of Nure-onna (a gigantic snake-headed woman), or a poetic treatise on the child-eating desires of the Kappa (a sort of strange, perverted turtle), the writer always has one foot in the carnival tent, one on the streets of noir, and the other inside a restaurant; a sort of freakish, hungry, Raymond Chandler.
With the original Bento Bestiary sold out, now’s your chance to own the new and improved version.

Hilda is sitting in her tent at night listening to the rumble of the storm passing overhead when she hears a bell. As she hurtles towards the vanishing tinkling sound, Hilda unwittingly embarks on an adventure into strange worlds ruled by magical forces. Luke Pearson tells this exciting tale with his stunningly adept use of line and colour, demonstrating a grasp of graphic storytelling far past his years. Hildafolk is a stellar beginning to what is already a burgeoning UK comic talent.

et pleins d'autres surprises que l'on vous présentera à la boutique!

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